Wyntner Woody is a performer whose work spans audiobooks, the stage, television & radio, live music and the moving image.  A graduate of Cornell and Yale, his fortunate career has led him to a variety of fascinating engagements: recording Justice Scalia’s audiobook, singing in Mandarin on prime-time Chinese TV, performing the music of the 1940s live at the New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint, and playing the lead role in a dystopian film directed by a talented 17 year-old film-maker.

He is a multi-colored instrument, expressing a world of characters, personalities, time periods and narrative styles.  With a chameleon of a voice, and aided by an intellect that searches for meaning, he delivers story and character with emotional intensity; and can serve as a translucent medium for factual, non-fictional material as well.  His impish sense of humor is a joyous contagion; when sobriety is required, he is dignity personified.  Accents, dialect and character work a specialty.


  • Comic timing
  • Singing (trained tenor)
  • Mandarin Chinese (native fluency)
  • Japanese, French (proficiency)


Dialect Training, Paul Meier
Physical Theatre and Mask Technique, David Poznanter
Alexander Technique, Christine Lidvall
Movement and Tap, Sara Draper
(Past Training: Voice, Master Shih Hong-e, Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

(Photograph: Manuel Taylor)