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Wynt Woody Records for Princeton University Press Audiobook, “The Dean of Shandong”

March 27, 2023

I’m pleased to have narrated Daniel Bell’s, The Dean of Shandong, for Princeton University Press, a new client. The microphone I chose for this narration was my AEA KU4 ribbon and Jennifer Howard (Sound Understanding UK) was the (really wonderful to work with) producer.

New Narration Completed: Become the Expert the Wealthy Want

April 11, 2018

I’ve just finished recording the audiobook of the title, “Become the Expert the Wealthy Want” by Russ Alan Prince and John J. Bowen, Jr., for CEG Worldwide and Deyan Audio.  I’ll share the link once it’s in distribution.

This book could very well become the standard, if it isn’t already, for wealth managers who want to develop new business through thought leadership.

Wynt to Narrate “Horse Tricks” for Horse Trainer, Keith Hosman

August 1, 2016

I’m very pleased to have been hired to narrate the non-fiction title, Horse Tricks, by Keith Hosman, a well-known Texas horse trainer, for use by his equestrian clientele throughout the U.S.

Deyan Audio Adds Wynt Woody to Its Audiobook Casting Roster

July 5, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that Deyan Audio ( has added me to the casting roster. Please visit their site for more about this fine audiobook producer and their (extensive) credits and awards.

Italian Waiter as Irish Tenor!

June 7, 2016

Italian Waiter as Irish Tenor, The Danny Boy Scene, Wyntner Woody as Headwaiter in Scapino
Italian Waiter as Irish Tenor, The Danny Boy Scene, Wyntner Woody as Headwaiter in Scapino!

A still from the stage production of SCAPINO!, a musical by Jim Dale and Frank Dunlop, directed by George Brock at the Unity Theatre, currently running until June 19, 2016.  

SCAPINO! is a madcap farce, loosely based upon Moliere with stock characters reminiscent of both neoclassical theater and that of the earlier Commedia del Arte.   That is, the characters are human types and the stage is a hive for physical comedy.

The script gives no indication of the character of the Headwaiter. However, the director, George Brock has given me the opportunity to develop him.  Headwaiter, as I have played him, is a greasy, malingering, sex-crazed, gambling, dull, friendless, curmudgeonly and entirely harmless old fool.  

Following in that centuries old tradition (still alive in Naples!) — at least, that has been my intention — I asked for a wig.  My intention was to use the wig in place of the traditional mask, or at least in that spirit.  In other words, not to conceal character, but to reveal it.   George Brock saw the wig on the day of our Photo Call and shouted out, “YES!”    It has been a great pleasure to work with such a capable director whose knowledge of theater is surpassing (!) good.  I hope to work with him again.

In this scene, Headwaiter sings, “Danny Boy,” while taking or at least attempting to take, a swig from the flask he carries at all times.  Yes, an Italian waiter singing as an Irish tenor!  The surprise in this scene I shan’t disclose until the end of the run, just in case someone with tickets happens across this blog.

[Image: Scott Hill.  Used with the photographer’s permission.]


A Still from the Film, ZERO-TWO

June 2, 2016

A still from the film Zero-Two, directed by Elisabetta Diorio, currently in post and soon to premiere in Austin. Initial screenings have been positive, I’m told. Delighted to hear it.

Wyntner Woody as Zero-Two
Wyntner Woody as Zero-Two


Kara Rainer and Wynt on the set of Zero-Two

March 17, 2016

Wyntner Woody with Kara Rainer
Wyntner Woody with the talented and beautiful Kara Rainer on the set of Zero-Two in Austin, TX.

Task Force Desperate Now on

June 24, 2015

Peter Nealen’s Task Force Desperate, the first volume in his popular American Praetorian Series, which I narrated, is now available for purchase at Audible.  This is the gritty POV narrative of a professional mercenary during a tour of the Horn of Africa: the detail, the feel, even the smell of reconaissance and battle in a harsh desert environment.  You’ll think you’re right there with Jeff Stone!.