Wynt’s Audio Parody of “Gone with the Wind”

May 18, 2017

Here’s a production I don’t think I have ever shared. 

(Listen with the audio player at the bottom of this post).

“Gone with the Wind.”  Well, really gone! I do the voices in this parody meant for the stage, but delivered in audio.

The scene is a small theater in a mid-sized third tier town, run by a superannuated and usually drunken producer, Maury Mishpucha, whose last good credit was in 1946. His cousin owns the theater, which he keeps only because he can’t sell it. Assorted has-beens and hacks populate the stage, playing to an audience of bums. They don’t get far into the production, when Wally the Wino perks up and starts heckling, Larry the Lip offends Sir Prolix Verbose (ask me to do him for you when we meet) and all hell breaks loose.

Featuring my characters:

Victor Vampire
Miss Verity Take
Dr. Ruth as Ruth Gordon
Jimmy Stewart impersonator Stewart Jimmy
Bobby Bowels
Dalek the Alcoholic
Toshio Mifune’s Third Cousin twice removed
Festus from Bonanza
Lady Bracknell (in pumps)
Lenny in the Grapes of Wrath (as done by Mel Blanc)
Curly Howard
and many more…

The sound design is by John Colucci, with whom I worked at scifi.com when they had a budget for internet theater. Ages ago. But you will enjoy it.

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