Sofia Helin

May 19, 2017

Here’s another Swede — after Hedda Stiernstet about whom I’ve not posted but will — who mightily impresses me on the small screen: Sofia Helin in The Bridge. 
Is my admiration only because I am unable to parse the language, the vocal inflections? Or does she really have something? Partly the former, I think, but definitely the latter. 
The actress plays a detective with superior police skills and a mastery of facts but a complete lack of awareness of the the personal sensibilities of others, often brutally, and yet she is not malevolent. I am entirely persuaded.
Here’s the video with Dag Malmberg as her superior officer, a man of patience and experience, with precisely the sensibilities her character of Saga lacks, evident immediately at the start of the dialog, even without understand the language. 
From an article in the Telegraph (UK, 2015): “Becoming Saga, she explains, requires a lot of physical effort. She has to change the way she talks, holds her head, moves; has to become straighter, tenser, more alert. ‘It’s like a vice gripping all over my body,’ she explains.”

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