Reading Poetry Aloud — A Stanza by John Clare

July 26, 2017

I encourage all parents to read poetry aloud to their children, but may I also suggest you read aloud to your spouse or lover or friend? Or even, just to yourself. The music…
Here’s a wonderful example of the music we need to hear in language for it to be truly nourishing. For what is language but our ideas expressed?  Beauty seen is Beauty discovered.
A stanza from “February,” written by John Clare, ca.1830. Read it aloud. Take your time with it.
“The sunbeams on the hedges lie,
The south wind murmurs summer-soft;
The maids hang out white clothes to dry
Around the elder-skirted croft:
A calm of pleasure listens round,
And almost whispers winter by;
While Fancy dreams of summer’s sound,
And quiet rapture fills the eye.”

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Wyntner Woody