George Carlin and the Mastery of “Delivery”

October 21, 2017

“Delivery” refers to technique, but this artfulness makes or breaks the audience’s reception of what’s delivered.  Take, for example, a master of delivery like George Carlin.   

Strip his routine of its masterful delivery and what are we left with?  Rather than guffaw-inducing comedy, we discover his fundamental malevolence towards mankind, his misanthropy, his incorrigible pessimism and destructive nihilism.  

When I, after 3 decades of laughing with him, suddenly realized the core of his pernicious intent, his delivery failed to persuade me any longer.  I realized the deception in which he was engaged.  Contrast comedians like Laurel and Hardy…

One must insist upon the quality of the ideas conveyed, not merely the perfection of technique that convey them.  

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Wyntner Woody