Beiruti English — Revisiting Rawi Hage’s DeNiro’s Game

August 5, 2017

Some years ago, I recorded a Rawi Hage’s, DeNiro’s Game, in a Beiruti English accent. The print version had won the 2008 IMPAC International Literary Award — it is a wonderful work that moved and impressed me — and I was honored when Audible asked me to read the audiobook version of the title.
For several weeks, I studied the accent with the help of two supremely intelligent and encouraging Yale grad students, both of whom had grown up in Beirut, one Christian, the other Muslim. Since that time, I have, never having visited Beirut, felt a strong kinship to the city, without ever knowing why exactly. Perhaps it is simply romance.
And then, today, I was reminded of that once again reading this article written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and how history is driven down to in the details, well beyond the shallow, pernicious parlance of the modern day.

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Wyntner Woody