Auditions: A Perspective

October 4, 2017

Many performers (and not just youngsters) I hear emphasize “rejection.” I auditioned. I was rejected. How does one cope with rejection, etc?  Nonsense! 

You, I — we are looking for partners in performance. For those whose talents, skills, ambitions and direction correspond in some significant way.

The audition is the opportunity to gauge the quality of the fit. It is not a confirmation of your ability (or lack of it). Unless, of course, you are focused on bolstering your own esteem of yourself. But that has nothing to do with the work at hand: remove it from your consciousness post-haste.

In a production I auditioned for, casting had narrowed it to a handful of candidates, including me; I was not hired. My audition had been excellent: I know myself after all.  So what were they looking for?  I went to see the production. It was, in a word, vile.  I saw what they did with the actor who had been hired and was grateful to have been passed over for the role.   Yes is good and no is also good.

Turn your sights to the work, to demonstrating to the potential partner in performance what you can contribute. Is there a fertile field you both can till, so to speak, together, cooperatively, in accord with both your visions of the work?  Finding that is your our goal.

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Wyntner Woody